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Vladislav Naganov is elected to the Coordinating Council of the Russian Opposition
22 October 2012
The protest movement in Russia has now got its own coordination body, expected to draft a unified strategy of the Opposition and to organize rallies. Monday saw the end of three-day elections to a 45-seat Coordinating Council of the Opposition. The organizers of the elections had to prolong the voting procedure due to ill-wishers attempts to disrupt them with massive hacker attacks against the election site. However, despite all the problems the elections did take place. The registered voters totaled 170,000, and nearly 82,000 took part in the elections.
Russian Elections Did Not Bring a Surprisebut Now What?
5 March 2012
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency. The election was held in the aftermath of mass protests against Russian leaderships corruption and disregard for the rule of law.
When a Protest Fizzles: Putin's Opposition Is Routed in Moscow
5 March 2012
On Monday night, one day after Vladimir Putin won the presidential election in a landslide, the state used force for the first time since the season of protests began. Demonstrators who refused to disperse were thrown around like sacks of sand, hundreds were arrested.
A clear message of Russian dissatisfaction with Mr. Putin
6 December 2011
Russian voters have just demonstrated that even a rigged election can send a message. Despite the lack of a meaningful choice in Sundays parliamentary elections, and despite what international observers said were serious indications of ballot box stuffing, the voters made clear their dissatisfaction with Vladimir Putins regime. His United Russia party was reported to have received 49.5 percent of the vote, compared to 64 percent in the last election four years ago. The Communist Party got the biggest share of a massive protest vote, while two other Kremlin-tolerated opposition parties substantially increased their number of parliamentary seats.

Vladislav Naganov visited South Ossetia
14 November 2011
Chairman of the Management Board of the Constructive Project Foundation Vladislav Naganov visited Tskhinval and a number of settlements of Dzhava District. He was a member of the Election Observation Mission from Russia at presidential elections which were held in South Ossetia on 13 November 2011.
Vladislav Naganov gave a talk on the subject of the state defence order
13 October 2011
Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation Vladislav Naganov visited the Institute for Demography, Migration and Regional Development, where he met with Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute Yuri Krupnov and attended the seminar on the topic of problems of the state defense order and organization of projects for the military-industrial establishment and staple industries.
Russian Villages Self-Defense Underlines Failures of Police
4 August 2011
Russian villagers had to hold off an armed gang without police help. Its a usual situation in many small villages and settlements. The police are corrupt or lazy or politicized, and its the same all across the country. So people must protect themselves and they cant count on the government or its structures. That's why Russia is turning into one big Sagra.
Alexander Lebedev has announced he is quitting business in Russia
27 May 2011
Alexander Lebedev the billionaire owner of Russias Novaya Gazeta and Britains The Independent is leaving business for politics because he has grown tired of battling corrupt officials. He said security service pressure on his banking business had become so great it was impossible to continue. The move comes after pressure has been building on Lebedev's National Reserve Bank. Its headquarters were raided by masked police late last year. The announcement came one day after Lebedev released a video detailing the raid and alleged corruption by the Federal Security Service officers involved.
March 13 Election Results in Russia: Reaction against Modernization
14 March 2011
The 13th of March was the common voting day in Russia and 3208 election campaigns and local referendums were held all over the country. Its clear now that elections were much dirtier than in October, 2010. After an increase in rates for household electricity, gas and other utilities, United Russia's popularity now at its lowest level in more than a year. However, disenchantment with United Russia suppressed turnout, but did not drive voters to support the opposition.

Analytical Review of the 2010 Autumn Election Campaign
24 January 2011
The Foundation presented new Analytical Review of the current Russian electoral system. We briefly analyzed results of the 2010 autumn election campaign and returned to results of the 2007 parliamentary elections because it's very important on the threshold of the next parliamentary elections in December, 2011.
Head of Election Commission of Irkutsk Region resigned at last
27 November 2010
In August 2010 a district court in Irkutsk passed a scandalous sentence to a daughter of the Head of the Regional Election Commission who dashed out at high speed on a sidewalk and knocked down two women. One of those women died in a hospital later. A criminal was sentenced to 3 years in a prison, but with a stay of execution till 2024.
Fall 2010 Election Results: Normalization of Lawlessness
12 October 2010
Independent and oppositional observers and candidates have been reporting of wide range of usual violations during the polling day, including, of course, bribing voters and direct falsifications of voting results. There were committed even more violations in comparison with previous elections in March. Representatives of the CEC and United Russia regard the most of complaints as a dirty technology.
Recent reports from the "election front"
3 October 2010
The polling day will be held in Russia on October, 10. Has the current situation become better in comparison with the previous electoral campaign? What number of independent and oppositional candidates was registered to participate in elections this time?
Selective Justice for a daughter of a Head of Election Commission of Irkutsk Region
30 August 2010
Unfair sentence provoked fury among the Russian public. If something like this would happen in the United States, every official would immediately be relieved of his post, but probably such official would resign not waiting for the shame.
Vladislav Naganov visited the First International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2010"
4 July 2010
In the light of results of the First International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2010" which was held from June 30 to July 4, 2010 in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Constructive Project Foundation Vladislav Naganov decided to describe briefly the current situation in the Russian tank manufacturing.
Analytical Review of Russian elections and election system was presented by the Foundation
4 May 2010
The Review describes trends of expression of popular will during the last few years at federal, regional and municipal levels; the most common methods of use of the so-called administrative resource, means of falsifications of election documents and ballot rigging; practice of trials on cases of election law violations.
China and Russia: Siberia and the Far East are at stake. The Foundation presented new Review
2 April 2010
Analytical Review "Eastern Siberia and the Far East of Russia as Prospective Chinese Sources of Raw Materials" describes possible geopolitical consequences of the public administration disorganization and disintegration of the Russian Federation.
Financial crisis in Russia is the subject of our first Analytical Review
1 March 2010
The aim of this Review is to provide a graphic demonstration of true factors of economic growth in the Russian Federation in 2000-2008. This will make it possible for us to understand why the financial crisis in Russia begun from September, 2008, firstly, was inevitable for our country, secondly, was related to the world financial crisis indirectly and, thirdly, did not even come to an end.

The Constructive Project Foundation was established in Moscow
13 November 2009
The Meeting of Founders of the Constructive Project Foundation has taken place in Moscow today. The Meeting unanimously approved the Charter and elected the Board and the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.
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