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The Foundation is an NGO which bears no relation to any political party or government body. It was established on November 13, 2009 in Moscow by several representatives of the civil society who were not indifferent to a future of Russia, who had an active political position and strong will to act collectively in difficult conditions of the state system crisis. 

Our primary goal is to ensure steady increase of civil activity and Russian citizens consciousness that means their real participation in governance. This participation is achievable only by means of fair and free elections without falsifications and violations of law which call results of voting in question. So, there is a task of vital importance for our Foundation to carry out research into condition of the civil society institutions and informational, analytical and organizational preparation of wide-ranging reforming of the institution of elections in Russia.

We suppose that one can ensure fair elections as an effective institution of the civil society only in complex with changes of political system. First of all, it's a question of changes on the oppositional flank. We analyse cadre and administrative structure and political history of oppositional parties and public movements which call themselves as non-systemic opposition. A purpose of this research is to ascertain steady inability of the non-systemic opposition to act collectively and in coordination that means its inability to achieve fair elections and win them. One more serious objective follows from this. Its necessary to define a complex of measures on renewal of the current opposition in Russia. New oppositional organizations should become more effective and therefore be capable both to take part in elections and to uphold real election results. We are sure that such organizations would and should be a part of a new political system of Russia.

Our expert staff with years of experience in business, governance and NGOs doesnt just produce research. We generate solutions based on our country's economic, political and social heritage to produce a stronger, safer and freer Russia.

"The Constructive Project", 2010-2014
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